Monday, October 26, 2015

Update from 10/5

Since I have started getting the basic outline of the game going I spent this week making sprites. First, I sketched each one, then I put it into Adobe Illustrator and finally colored them in Adobe Photoshop. I know how to do coloring better in Photoshop which is why I moved them to there; however, I feel that outlining them in illustrator allows me to go back and slightly change their poses so I can animate the sprites in the final versions.. Last class we had talked about how I was going to transition between the different era's of time and I decided to have each ear be a level. Level one will be the 20's, two will be the 30's and so on until the 60's. At the end of the 60's, early 70's the Stonewall Riots happened and so I think my game will end with those. Here are pictures of the sketches and final version of the characters I have chosen for level one. There is Gladys Bentley, Gene Malin, Douglas Byng and Ma Rainey. For each of them I will pick one song they were famous for and have information regarding their arrests.

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