Monday, September 28, 2015

progress 9/28

For the past two weeks I have spent my time learning Unity. At first I was looking into different programs that make visual novels, so I wouldn't have to learn coding from top to bottom. I found one called Vinoma, which has been very useful so far. It works out most of the coding for you but is very simple. I know that later on I will have to start to get into it more and make some of my own changes manually. This last week I spent learning unity and how Vinoma works with it. I watched quite a few tutorial videos just to get me started, and then began making a test of my own. I came up with some sketch graphics as place holders until the real sprites are done, and I wrote up a quick script that is also not final but just for testing purpose. In my demo there is a start menu, which I have not figured out how to change yet. From there you go to the first scene where the chief greets you and tells you to go to your desk. Then the options appear on the screen where you can choose where to go. Most of it is click based action so far, but I'd like to look at what I can do once I have the mechanics of the game figured out. My next steps are to watch the more complex tutorials and start making the real sprites and script for the game.

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