Sunday, April 28, 2013

Self Portriats

Here are my self portraits. It took me a while to figure out how to take the picture, but in the end it worked out I think. Either way the model of me is there and that's what's important! I made it look like me, I thought that was the best representation. I am holding a pokeball because it really symbolizes how I grew up. Pokemon was my first game and I still play it. On my back I have a Mr.Saturn backpack. I put that there because the Mother series is my favorite video games and I feel that is a great way to describe myself. I also have headphones on  because of my love for music. I am a music major so I felt something needed to be there to represent that part of me. Blue is my favorite color and purple is a close second, which is why I chose those colors. I also got the comment that I resemble an Animal Crossing character, which is also one of my favorite games. Blender was easier to figure out after a while, I had trouble at first figuring out how to get the color but it came together. In the end I felt it was very fun to work on all the little detail I put into myself.At first when I was trying to think of everything in lines like I do with drawing it wasn't coming out; however, when I thought of things in shapes it started making much more sense.