Monday, October 26, 2015

Progress 10/12

This week I got a few more sprites done and I started playing around with the game. I got the pictures done for some of the backgrounds and the objects. The backgrounds that I have done are the chief's office, the desk of level one and the interrogation room. I have started working on how to route everything to the spot it needs to go, and it seems like I will have to have different scenes for everything. I have started writing some of the dialogue as well for each area. I'm still looking at how to get the buttons to work, so for now I still have the default white ones. My goal is to have it to where if you click on the phonograph you can play music, if you click on the notes you can look at the lyrics to the song, if you click on the folder you can look at the person's profile who you are inspecting and if you click on the book you can view some key things to look out for in the music. I have also decided that on the profile for each character there will be a real life picture of them.

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