Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3D Printed Stop Motion Narrative Assignment

Aging of a Musician

My piece is about all the changes in life, but the one constant of playing an instrument. The person and instrument were stop motion animation with a green screen, and the background was a mixture of footage filmed and found by me. Early on in the project I knew I wanted to print an instrument, but I did not know what kind of narrative to put to it. Originally there was going to be a busy street in the background, but I picked my story about the life cycle and decided the street didn't match as well as I had hoped. Throughout the piece three stages of the one person's life can be seen. First, child, then young adult and ending on adult. During the child portion of life the background is that of a more playful room. The character also plays a little more hastily and pauses more than in the other stages. The young adult section has a more serious room about it, but still a bit messy to show the person isn't fully grown up yet. This person plays a little more smoothly. Finally, the adult stage is in front of a concert hall, showing the goal of a musicians career. He plays a bit slower and smoother than the others do. To create the entire thing, first I did my 3d model and printed it. Then, after coming up with the concept I did the stop motion. That took a very long time to get all the pictures, but I did reuse footage. My inspiration for this partly came from La Jette, because of the romantic feel of that piece. Every time I kept trying to think of what to have the narrative be, I imagined the feeling of that and I knew I wanted to have a romantic air about it.