Monday, October 26, 2015


This week I have taken all my sprites and music and have put them into place for the first part of the first level. I am still having trouble with the buttons, and after getting everything set where I wanted when I tried to replace one of the preexisting button sprites, it crashed my game and lost some of the data. After plugging it all back it I am once again at a spot where the player can go to many different scenes and can have options when interviewing the musician; however, I am going to keep elaborating on it. As of right now, I have Gladys Bently started. Later I'm going to add it where when you are talking to her if you push her on the right subjects she will slip up and say something that gives you a clue. I want to do that for all my characters. The song I choose for Bently is her song "Worried Blues". I am still trying to find the lyrics to this piece but if I can't find it soon I will ask my teacher for my music class. If I can't get the buttons up and running soon I will switch everything over to game maker because I am a little more familiar with that and I don't want to get hung up on this problem for too long.

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