Monday, October 26, 2015

Set up 10/26

This week I took some time to figure out my setup for the gallery. I want a desk with a computer, a mouse and headphones. I feel that by itself that might not look as inviting, so I wanted to add some props that are related to the game. A police cap can sit on the table, and then next to it there will be a coat rack with a masculine and feminine object on it. They both represent the homosexual lifestyle and the two characters, them selves and public version, that they had to perform to be able to exist without getting in trouble. I'm expecting my piece to be in a gallery type setting; however, I want to go explore around the CFA and see if there is a better location for my work. I have kept working on the button problem of my game with not as much success, I have a few more things I'd like to try and then I will officially give in and use game maker. I have also looked into what other songs I would like to use for each character. For Gene Malin I will use  his song "That's What's the Matter with Me." For Douglas Byng I will use "I'm a Mummy (An Old Egyptian Queen)." Finally, From Ma Rainey I will use "Prove it on Me Blues."

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