Monday, March 25, 2013

Video Project!

Here is my finished video project. It is based on the film "Music of Your Own" by People Like Us. This video was an interesting one to try and film. Our dog would not cooperate most of the time so we had to have someone off screen helping him. We also had to improvise a last minute siren. The film used a lot of forward and backward clips and so in mine I did the same. Most of the longer scenes are just one clip playing and then playing again in reverse. I used Adobe Premiere to edit the video which made the fading in and out effects really easy to add. I also had to add out a few small parts where the child in the original throws the bread. There's one scene that shows him tearing off a piece up close and we couldn't think of a way to make our dog do that. It seemed really pieced together when I was starting, but when the clips came together I feel it made a good project.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Video Project update

So far with my video project I have yet to start filming. I just got a new phone which has a better camera, so I was waiting for that before starting that process. I have planned out my video though. I have decided that I am going to take the video People Like Us made called "Music of Your Own" and film it scene by scene exactly how they did; however, I will be replacing all of the people with animals. The only scene I can see difficult is when the little boy feeds the ducks at the end. I don't think I cant get any animal to patiently sit there as geese walk up to it. (Or make geese walk up to it for that matter) So that scene may be slightly switched.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Reading 2 questions

Here are my two questions for the second reading assignment:

1. A little over 20 years ago Sadie Benning used a toy camera to video tape herself in high school. She wanted to document her feelings as she was beginning to experience sexual maturity. Since then technology has come a long way. How would a teenager today approach the same art idea? How would the recording technique and ideas change?

2. Early on in the reading it discusses that the artist's video should differ from a video for an advertisement because it is not meant for mass consumption. It also states that art should be distinguished from the uses of video, no matter how artful they seem. Where do we draw that line? Can we relate that to other mediums or art forms?

Video project

I have chosen the video "Music of Your Own" by People like Us. I think this video is humorous and will be fun to replicate in our project. I enjoy the music in the background when comparing the subject. I have never used a camera before and I feel this video is a good one to start with. It still gets the point across and doesn't use too many effects.