Sunday, February 24, 2013

Video game art project

So, for anyone who doesn't know my fiance is doing an art project where he is illustrating a sound track to a video game he has never played. It is kinda like Fantasia, only with video games. The project isn't free and he needs help raising money. Now, I know not everyone has a little extra cash but sharing helps just as much as donating! I really appreciate the two worlds of art and music coming together, especially when it is over something shared such as a video game.

Project 3 Finished

Here is my video with sound. The rockets and explosion were found online and the rest were recorded. It has also been lengthened since the original animation. Different percussion instruments such as wind chimes, sleigh bells and a ratchet were used. Vocal sound effects also helped.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Project 2

Here is my half of project 2. It was originally suppose to be 10 seconds, and when I timed it it came out to 12 seconds; however, when uploaded it only came out to 7 seconds but I can easily lengthen the frame rate later. The concept behind this is that the business man realizes he is unhappy, so he breaks through the screen and into the universe where he then explodes and transforms into a dragon. This is his desire to go from an in the rut business man to be creative and break free from every day.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project 1 Finished!

This project was to create two images with the theme of Fantasy and Reality using Photoshop. Here are the two images my partner ( and I chose. All of the images in each photograph represent adulthood aka reality (the PDA and coffee) and childhood aka fantasy (the pokemon and the dragon). The one word, "dream" that is found in both images has a different meaning to both. For the adult, it's the American dream, and the dream of being grown up. For the child, the word Dream represents the creativity and innocence that is childhood. The first image was done by me. It represents adulthood and is suppose to resemble a man walking to work. The second image was done by Mikki. It represents childhood and resembles a dragon.

Project 1

My partner and I decided to each do the two images assigned, then we picked each others that we liked the best for the final project. Here are our four images, in the next post I will show the final two and write a brief description about them.