Sunday, December 13, 2015

12/7 update and present

Today I presented my piece. Before hand, I had added sound effects and a small opening and closing sequence to the project. Originally I had planned to be in the glass opening next to the plants, but after getting there to set up the plug could not handle the power from my monitor and laptop. I found an outlet in a small alcove next to the entrance that worked much better than I had originally thought. I had also planned on using a school computer but I could not get my file to export as a .exe so I just ran it on full screen using my monitor and computer. As for the desk, I was unable to get a big old one like I had originally intended but we draped a table cloth upon a smaller one which worked better because of the move we had to do. In watching a few people's reactions to the game, the people who played through it all said it was very informative whereas there were a few people who just clicked the first level and left. Overall the event was a success and the game played really well. There were only two times when I really had to go in and fix something, but past that we had it set up to where my on guard assistant could just press a button and take the game back to the beginning so people could start fresh when they wanted to play.

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