Sunday, December 13, 2015

11/16 post

Now that the text boxes are working I started to assemble the first level. Each character has their own dialogue box for each situation, and you interview two people. Since I'm in game maker and I know how to make buttons, each object is now its own button so if you click on the folder you will view their file, if you click on the book you will get information about the decade, if you click on the phonograph you will get to play and stop music by that character as well. Then, in the interview process of each person you have three options to ask them about and they will respond differently to each one. Since most of this was just plugging in, I also started working on the sprites for the third level. After considering the decades and looking up artists, I decided to skip the 40's and make you go on location to a spot to interview. There are two people in the bar, which was a real location for the time, and each person has some history with the place. One of the patrons is Edith Eyde, she wrote under the pen name Lisa Ben for lesbian magazines. The other is a character I made who represents what drag queens and cross dressers had to deal with at the time. The button on his shirt was something common for the time because they added a new law that could arrest people for impersonation.

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