Sunday, December 13, 2015

11/23 update

At this point I have both level 1 and 2 recreated. I moved Byng and Malin over to the second level because they were more important during the 30s. As with level one, each character has a different text box for each thing they say, there are multiple rooms for every item and when you interact with the characters in the conference room you have multiple options to talk to them about. At the main desk if you click on the folder it is different for each character, and the book is different for the 30's than it was the 20s. I have also started getting together the sprites for the final level. In this level you will have to go to Stonewall, which is where the big riot took place in 1969. At that level you will be undercover so no one will notice you as a cop. Because of this, the dialogue for each character you talk to will be more casual and truthful than the previous people. Each character will show a side of normal culture that was for the time.

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