Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Art 451 Project

For my Art 451 Project I want to make a video game. I am very interested in learning Unity and I figure since we have an entire semester to work on the project, it would be a good time for me to learn the program. Because I am taking a few gender and identity courses this semester I wanted to relate it to that. After thinking about it for a while I decided it would be interesting to make a game based off of my Gender and Identity in Music course. In this course we are looking at homosexual music and the history of it. One of the most interesting topics we will be discussing is how some music use to have code words in it to talk about LGBTQ people without others knowing. I want to make my game similar to Papers Please where you get information and you have to decode it. I will be using a mix of music, art and dialogue depending on what I find in my research. In the past I have made games using Game Maker, so I think learning unity will be a fun experience.

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