Thursday, October 23, 2014


My video tryptic is of a metronome. Each metronome is set to a different time, and they were all set off at once. Through out the videos they sync up, and then go out of sync. There was some video editing done to each one, so that the images don't line up all the time. The audio remained the same; however, it was spit between the speakers according to each metronomes left and right action. The piece was meant to be engaging yet overwhelming at the same time. I decided to leave the background plain so that it does not distract from the piece. This metronome was chosen over an older model because it was easier to find, and because this particular one wasn't as reliable as others. In a gallery this tryptic should be placed with one video on the left wall, one on the middle, and one on the right. Each speaker should line up with its corresponding video. The videos should be lined up to where they can be looped once they have finished their first showing.
Here is my Triptych of all three videos together:

Here is the Left side of the video:

Here is the Middle:

Here is the Left:

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