Monday, March 25, 2013

Video Project!

Here is my finished video project. It is based on the film "Music of Your Own" by People Like Us. This video was an interesting one to try and film. Our dog would not cooperate most of the time so we had to have someone off screen helping him. We also had to improvise a last minute siren. The film used a lot of forward and backward clips and so in mine I did the same. Most of the longer scenes are just one clip playing and then playing again in reverse. I used Adobe Premiere to edit the video which made the fading in and out effects really easy to add. I also had to add out a few small parts where the child in the original throws the bread. There's one scene that shows him tearing off a piece up close and we couldn't think of a way to make our dog do that. It seemed really pieced together when I was starting, but when the clips came together I feel it made a good project.

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