Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project 1 Finished!

This project was to create two images with the theme of Fantasy and Reality using Photoshop. Here are the two images my partner ( and I chose. All of the images in each photograph represent adulthood aka reality (the PDA and coffee) and childhood aka fantasy (the pokemon and the dragon). The one word, "dream" that is found in both images has a different meaning to both. For the adult, it's the American dream, and the dream of being grown up. For the child, the word Dream represents the creativity and innocence that is childhood. The first image was done by me. It represents adulthood and is suppose to resemble a man walking to work. The second image was done by Mikki. It represents childhood and resembles a dragon.


  1. The use of the images in the first montage to create a robot-like being gives me the sense of everyday life, mechanical and rushing. Yet, the faded earth in the background makes me feel like it is a daydream. The second montage, gives me the feeling of intangibility. Much like a dream where something always just out of reach no matter how hard you try to reach for it. They compliment each other very well.

  2. I really enjoy how you turned your "fantasy" diptych into a person with all the different layers. I was impress how well it pleased the eye, and the way you make your pictures form the person walking. Some of the layers seem a bit random, like the dragon, after hearing you explain your pictures though. Overall, great job. It is very appealing to the eye.

  3. I really appreciate the fact that you decided to make figures out of your images rather than just make a montage. It shows that you're trying to do something different and interesting.